Thursday, March 31, 2005

The New Bill of Rights

To Whom It May Concern:

I started off writing a script. In the script, the main character was going to run for president. He was going to be this sort naive doofus who going to try and get a jump on the 2012 elections by starting his campaign now. So, I started thinking, "What would I do if I was running for president?" I came up with "The New Bill of Rights." So, this book has 10 new amendments. I sort of stole this idea from James Madison.

I became eligible to vote in 1988. I saw back then, while I was still in high school that politicians were kind of phony. Since then, I have pretty much been able to say with a great deal of certainty that every presidential candidate has been full of it. I say they are full of it because the changes they push for are Band-Aids when there needs to be tourniquets.

Here is a summary of the amendments. Let me know what you think. I hope you think these ideas are creative and meaningful.

1. The Drug Amendment: It takes away prison sentences for drug abusers. It also puts a hefty sales tax on drugs to be used for rehab centers. Why: Drug laws are basically tools for racists to throw minorities in jail. The demographics of the prison populations statistics don't lie.

2. The Anti-Obsolete Amendment: It makes manufacturers accountable for the products they sell despite the naivity of the American consumer. Why: Instead of asking the question, "Do I look cool in this car?" Americans should be asking, "Will this car last for 30 years? Or can this car be repaired easily?" (I'm extremely practical.)

3. The Profit Sharing Amendment: It makes it illegal for great disparities in wages to exist in corporations. It limits the disparity to a factor of 20(including stock options, salaries, and perks) Why: The CEO of MBNA [credit cards] has an annually salary of $25 million. He makes 1000 times more [a factor of 1000] than the lowest paid employee. This Amendment would actually expand on the 14th Amendment, which was the abolition of slavery.

4. The New States Amendment: It gives Congress the added responsibility of adding new states. Why: a recent survey suggested 40% of Mexicans living in Mexico would migrate to the United States today if they could--Why should they have to migrate??

5. The Campaign Contribution Limitation Amendment: It takes away the ability of corporations to contribute to political parties. It limits contributions to individuals in the amount of $100. Why: The coal industry has given $750 million dollars over the last 5 years to the Republican party, uncoincidentally, every lake in America has toxic levels of Mercury and will continue to for decades--Mercury is one of the byproducts of emitted from smoke stacks.

6. The Sales Tax Amendment: It repeals the 16th Amendment. Instead of having a progressive income tax there could be a progressive sales tax. It would work like this: The more you spend the more you pay. The more expensive the thing you buy is, the more you pay Why: People are greedy. The 16th Amendment (income tax) is open ended; meaning there is no limit to what they could take or will take.(Google the 16th Amendment, read it, you'll see what I'm talking about)

7. The End of a Limitation of 2 terms: It repeals the 22nd Amendment. Presidents should be allowed to hold an office for as many times he/she can get elected. Why: Think about it for a second; would you fire an employee from your company who was doing good job after 8 years? You'd be an idiot to do so. (I'm having second thoughts about this one because of George Bush.)

8. The Balanced Budget Amendment: It makes it mandatory for the president and congress to balance the budget each year. Why: Every American currently owes about $25K including the little babies.

9. The Education Amendment: It focuses the education system on literacy or understanding, instead of passing tests. Why: At least 60% of all high schoolers are functionally illiterate. (I'm rewritting this one.)

10. The Golden Rule Amendment: It gives government the purpose of ensuring that it treats people the way they want to be treated and vice versa. It's a law to ensure people are treating each other the way they want to be treated. Why: "Liberty and Justice for All" is a pretty vague, it leaves too much room for people to exploit one another.

All these amendments were intended to go together.

Monday, March 28, 2005

I am still single!

I'm 34. In my mind, I tell myself I'm single because I have always been too busy. I have been busy, but I have also sat around on my ass a lot during all this while also managing to write three books. But really, I guess being busy is just an excuse. Being in many different places is more like my problem and not wanting to settle down. To give you an idea, a few months ago I paid my very own electrical bill for the 1st time in my life. In other words, I don't have roommates for the 1st time in my life. That's pretty pathetic, but I can't say my life has not been interesting and fun. I was on a first name basis, talked to, or at least have been in the same room with the biggest stars in Hollywood. I was involved in an expedition while I was in the Navy, and we received a commendation from the King of Jordan. I have made thousands of dollars in the stock market, and finally figured why I look the way I look the way I do because I got to know my biological mother and father. So, really my life has been a journey of self discovery and somewhat adventurous. I counted up all the countries I've been to recently and it's something like 20. So, as they say, a rolling stone gathers no moss. No girl has really been able to understand what makes me tick, or for that matter has ever really cared. But, no worries.....My happiness isn't dependent on other people...I can always think of something fun to do...or something spiritually fulfilling like being apart of making an independent film which I have also done and plan to do again....When I do finally meet the girl of my dreams, it's going to be great. Having a relationship is definitely on my list. I usually get what I want.

Subversion is cool!!

Today I read an article on yahoo about a guy who sneaks into major museums and puts up his own art work. GENIUS!! Here's his web address. Check it out. It fuckin' hilarious!

Also, another funny blog is It's about a teacher who posts the stupid things her 7th grade students talk about.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

June 6, 2003

That's the day my sister past away. She was only 34. If you have read my blog rantings you see I have written a little about being adopted. My sister was adopted as well. Holly, was a sweet girl. She had a great sense of humor. She could really make you laugh. It's really sad that she's gone. I feel partly responsible. Although I hardly spent any time with her the last 15 years of her life. I would see her on holidays or by chance when she happened to be around. I knew that when I was 13 and I moved out of my mom's house that Holly(we'll call her that) and I would not see each other that much anymore. My adopted dad was starting his 3rd marriage to a women who everyone said was only after his money. In other word, my step mother was a bitch. But, that was a better alternative to the situation I was in with my adopted mother, if you can believe that. My adopted mother bought a house with another women and was living there with her with her two daughters. Try being a 13 year old boy and explaining to your friends that your mother sleeps in the same room as another women. Right, it's not something you would want to do. I got out of there as fast as possible.

Anyway, my point is my sister and I lived seperate lives for a majority of our lives. I hardly spent any time with her the last half of her life. And, I'm revealing things about me to you(the people of the blog universe) which kind of explains the kinds of insanity I have endured, but I'm afraid I am only scratching the surface. I miss my sister.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Long Time Goal of Mine

For years now I have wanted to make a film loosely based on my life. I would star in it. It would take place over the course of a day. I would have to get in the best shape of my life which would entail loosing about 20lbs. I would need to write a script. Hire actors and actresses. The plot would consist of what I imagine the coolest day of my life would be like. I would need to buy a high definition camera(because it would need to be high quality). Everything is sort of slowly but surely moving along, but it needs to be moving faster. Real work needs to be getting done. I'm getting closer, but speed is of the essence.