Friday, February 25, 2005

Note to Self

If you are ever sitting in a cafe again and a beautiful blonde walks over and sits at a table next to you....Don't get on the phone with your dad and start talking about mail order brides from the Philipines, or prostitutes in Thailand. If that ever happens again its best just to get up and go to where she can't hear the conversation then go back to where you sitting.

Also note: I have never been to Thailand, purchased a mail order bride, and the beautiful blonde got up and walked off about one minute into the conversation.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

It's in the Music

Every night I drive home listening to music. Every night I am offended by the music I hear. It's not the rhythms or the beats it's the lyrics. The beats and rhythms kickass. It's the lyrics that are the problem. The lyrics are either pornographic, narcissistic, self loathing, or just plain dumb. Only about 1 out of 10 songs is any good. Frankly, if it weren't for that one decent song once in a while I would probably only listen to NPR or something. It's kind of pathetic and a little sad because I like listening to music that makes me feel good. Only once in a blue moon a Hip Hop artist or Alternative Rock star makes a song that doesn't suck. The music is a reflection of what is going on the artists mind. What's in the artist's mind is a reflection of society in general. So, may I suggest that we, as a society, are generally pornographic, narcissistic, self loathing, and dumb. Would that be too far of a stretch? It's about time to make a few big changes in this country. Changes which would turn things around in the hearts and minds of Americans which would make them not quite as "low minded." Otherwise, I fear, I will have to keep listening to crappy music.
Just to let you know, I know what I'm talking about, look at U2's song "Beautiful Day." It rocks! It has a deep spiritually uplifting message as well. How often is song that pure played on the radio.
So, here are some things to think about that the next time your thinking of contributing $16 for a CD to the cause of some potentially low minded loser band. Are they pornographic, narcissistic, self loathing or dumb? Does that band even have a political view? Is the band only out to make money? What does that say about you if you are NOT thinking about these things when you are buying? Are you just a mindless consumer who sends your money to whoever markets to you?

Monday, February 07, 2005

Is this torture?

I met a girl the other day who was adopted. She had tried extensively to find her bio parents to no avail. It seems that her adoption was "closed." In other words, according to “American Law” she is a woman who does not have the right to know who her mom and dad are. Doesn't this contrary seem to the "culture of life" George W. Bush talks about? Doesn't this seem cruel? All she wants is to be able to talk to her mom and dad!!!! Just talk. Children who are "victims" of closed adoptions deserve better.
She is a beautiful blue eyed blond with a sweet disposition. Anyone would consider themselves fortunate to have her as a friend. Yet, she lives with a tormented soul because some jackass wrote the laws that have effectively imprisoned her to not know anything, literally. What color is her mom's hair? Does her mom love her? What is my family's complete medical history? Why? In other words, the basic questions every single person has about her mom and dad. There are so many questions she needs and wants answers for. Is a crime of immeasurable heartlessness is being committed against her? She says she is at peace, but let's be real. How can you ask another human being to forget about her mom and dad when she knows they are still alive somewhere in this world?
It's impossible. The lingering questions never go away...They eat away at you...I know. I was adopted. I did not know anything about my mother and father until I was 30 years old. Literally, I did not know a thing about them. My adoption experience did not go well. In fact, just last week my adoptive mother attempted suicide, again. Fortunately, my adoption was not "closed." However, the negative stigma surrounding finding bio-parents almost prevented me from going to find them. Now that I have known my bio-parents for the few years, I can not imagine what my life would be like without them. My point is, I know what it's like to not know where your mom and dad are. It's a feeling of unimaginable emptiness. The weight of the world presses on your chest. You feel like you are in a void where no one is capable of understanding you. It's a life long nightmare that you really feel you did nothing to deserve. My adopted sister could not take it, and she committed suicide. So, you don’t “get over it.” It's who you are!
Even if this girl I just met has an adoptive mother and father who are the sweetest and most loving people in the world those lingering questions are still there. They are still unanswered.
And there's something else...What if there is a hereditary defect that was undisclosed? What if that information could save her life one day? It's more common than you think. My bio-father and bio-grandfather both have a thyroid condition that didn't show up until they were in there 40's. My bio-father almost died from it. My grandfather didn't bother to tell him about it. A doctor discovered it at the last minute, literally. After the incident was over my grandfather said to my father, "Oh I thought you knew there was a thyroid defect, it's been in our family for generations." He knew absolutely nothing about it!! What would have happened to me if I didn't find them and find out about it? Now, what about this sweet innocent girl who's life could be at risk? What can be done for her?

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Everything's not lost!

I have bad days. People can bum me out. These things influence my writing. So, if you read something by me that seems dark just keep in mind I may be having a bad day. In the back of my mind I always remember that everything is going to be ok. Sure enough everything usually turns out better than expected.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

There is no "meaning of life." There is only "life."

We live in a world of disconnected and disjointed people. Noone knows anyone. There is no time for anything or anyone. We sort of drift along and have random encounters with random people.

The reason for such a bleak reality has a lot to do with the way our society is structured. The only way anything will change is if an organized popular movement takes place to change the rules we all live by to make the rules more fair so there can be a community again. There doesn't need to be revolution just a rapid evolution of ideals and an enforcement of those ideals.

Some things to think about.
1. Special Interests should not have so much influence.
2. Presidents should not be able to haphazardly declare war
3. Leaders of corporations should not be making 2000 times more than the lowest paid employee.
4. Students should have all abitraries removed from there path of study
5. Corporations should not be using a "planned obsolescence" philosophy in the products they
6. Americans have the right to not be spied on
7. The U.S. should be doing real humanitarian actions not just throwing tax payer money around.

I wrote a book called the New Era Bill of Rights. It goes over rules and ideals that would change all these things.