Friday, May 23, 2008

The philosophical argument for buying a sauna if you live up in Northern States like Michigan

The human body is 70% water.

The human body has sweat glands covering 100% of it.

You have to believe this is by design. A lot of water was meant to pass through bodies on a fairly regular basis. For one good reason, the flow of water carries toxins and waste. People, who are couped up inside all day for days on end, don't work their body as much as they should.

Basically, people, who live up North, where winter lasts for 6 months don't sweat as much as they should be because the long extremely cold winter isn't conducive to working up a sweat. In fact, the weather is conducive to a 6 month hibernation.

I recently spent another winter in Flint, Michigan. If you don't know, the weather patterns in Michigan are very similar to Sweden, Finland, and Norway. 70% of the homes in those Scandinavian countries have saunas in them. Why?? I think Scandinavians have figured out that you need to sweat. In addition to staying warm, you need keep lots of water flowing through your body to stay healthy.

You also need moderate amounts of sun exposure to create Vitamin D. (Vitamin D deficiencies have traced to some forms of cancer.)

So, my contention is, if you're going to live up North, and you want to stay healthy, you should seriously think about getting a sauna and some tanning lights. If I lived up North, I would definitely own these things.

I believe Americans have yet to fully develop viable cultures for the weather environments in which they live. Michiganders should view winter kind of the way Swedish view winter. The weather patterns are almost identical.

Blogging Perspective

Most blogs die a lonely death on the Interweb. People become bored or really just don't have much to say. So, the vast majority of blogs are abandoned. It's kind of sad, if you think about it.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

If I had a dog with 2 vaginas I'd name her Snatches.

OK, seriously, I dated a ob/gyn, who once a had a patient, who literally had 2 vaginas. I'm serious.

Man, I wish I knew her.

Craig Ferguson, the 19th funniest man in America, said, if he knew a girl with 2 vaginas, he'd nickname her Lucky.

Take that Al Qiada!!

P.S. Steven Wright is still funny.

Ballsy Trading by Jeff

The above is the title of my book on stock trading.

It will focus on the various methods in which one can do "Insider Trading" because, quite honestly, as Gordon Gecko said, "If you're not inside, you're outside," and who the hell wants to trade on the outside.

In other words, the only good kind of stock trading is "Insider Trading."

I'm going to outline my methodology on illegally earning a 500% annual return. Expect it to be a national bestseller.

Mr. Garrison was "scissoring" on South Park.

I'll admit I like South Park.

It's sublimely ignorant sometimes, which is why I like it.

I think Mr Garrison has gone from just being gay to being a pre-op-transexual or something. So, he becomes obsessed with scissoring. I don't remember anything else from that episode. Just--scissoring.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kurt Anderson on Charlie Rose

I haven't been watching Charlie Rose much lately. Although, as usual, interesting conversation.

I don't have much to say about it. The conversation was kind of all over the place.

He makes a living as a writer. He's a designer. Received a Peabody Award. Talks about architecture in China.

Interview over.

But then, I couldn't sleep. So, I stayed up and watched Tony's Browns Journal, and he interviewed Jennifer Frank, who wrote Complicity.

Complicity is about Northern and Southern slavery. It's subtitled, I think, "Southern Slavery, Northern Lie." She goes over the 300 or so years when slavery was popular in North before it became out-of-fashion.

I probably need to read this book. It would help me lay a deeper foundation for my masterpiece--The New Bill of Rights.

The Fade and The Snap Hook

Went to the driving range the other day.

I was working on a shot I'm calling the snap hook. Which is really just a hook. How it works: On the backswing, I don't turn my hands over as much, and on my follow through I kind of flip my hands over, and the ball draws about 10 yards or so. The ball also travels about 10 yards further then it does when I fade it.

Now, in order to keep the ball from banana hooking, it is important to be mindful of my left arm following through to the target. The ball travels straighter and longer.

I was playing with a guy the other day, who shoots in the 70's. His swing was very similar to how mine in now with these swing changes. Actually, I'm a better putter than he is. So, I should soon shoot in the 70's myself. At the very least, I can feel a round coming up soon where I shoot in the low 80's.

China Allows People In

I'm noticing more coverage of the earthquake than I noticed on anything prior.

I know the Olympics are just a few months away. So maybe, there are extra reporters around.

It's interesting, however, that all this coverage is coming, and people are absorbing it like this kind of open-ness is natural coming from China. It's weird that people aren't taking this as something HUGE.

I hope the Chinese government has a collective realization that being more open is the way to go.

Americans are there. Russians are there. It seems like this tragedy is very large scale. I think the death toll was around 70,000 last I heard. Very sad.

The Life Helmet

We live in a world that's so paranoid about physical injury that people don't exercise as much as they should. I believe this sort of stems from having a health care system that's extremely fucked up, and people may be "subconsciously" avoiding it by not getting too physical.

So, I think we should take this absurd paranoia over physical injury a step further, and I'm going sell "The Life Helmet" on eBay.

The Life Helmet: The helmet for everyday living! Because you never know when you're going to be in a tragic accident!

Friday, May 09, 2008

The New Bill of Rights (update)

I completely rewrote the entire book. I took the old version offline.

It's a matter of weeks now before the new version becomes available.

Don't get your dustpan out just yet.

I didn't watch the Dallas Stars play last night because the bastards didn't show the game on regular TV here in Dallas, and I am one of last known Americans to still use rabbit ears.

But, I did get game updates on my iPhone by refreshing the screen on

One thing I know is Detroit is a good hockey team. They are a favorite to win the Stanley Cup. They had an awesome season, and the Redwings are kind of the Yankees of hockey.

I have family in Michigan, and I know that it's not football, basketball, or baseball in Detroit. It's hockey. The weather up there is conducive to hockey. Michigan is kind of like Scandinavian country as far as the weather goes. So, people up there really get into hockey, which is why the Redwings have their names etched on the Stanley Cup 10 times.

Right after the game, my mom, who lives in Michigan, sent me a text saying, "1 down-3 to go." Ouch! My text back was "Touche!"

So, if the Minnesota North Stars, or uh, I mean, the Dallas Stars can get their mojo working, maybe they could steal one in Detroit, maybe. Saturday is going to be a good game. The bastards better show it on regular TV. If they don't, I'll be forced to go watch it somewhere else. And, if that happens, all hell is gonna break loose. Just kidding. No seriously, I'll just go watch it somewhere else.

Really, I'm just happy the Stars are making a deep playoff run. They're bringing some respek back to Dallas.



LOST is kind of like Gilligan's Island. Except, it's not Gilligan that fucking everyone up from getting off the island. It's the Professor!!

Think about it.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Golf is a game of positive thinking.

Yesterday, I was playing golf, and I was paired up with these 3 douches, or uh, I mean, dudes, who sucked. I'm not saying I don't suck as well, but I definitely have my moments of brilliance. I'm pretty much a bogie golfer. So yes, I suck, and I'm aware of that.

Take yesterday, for example, I had 2 birdies in the 1st five holes, which never happens. I had all the makings of the best round of my life going yesterday.

The 3rd hole, a par 3, I sank a 10 footer for birdie. It was sweet.

4th hole, I curled a 12 footer to save par. This put literally had about 2 feet of break in it. One of the guys made some comment like, "Dude, you're too good, you shouldn't be playing with us."

5th hole, 70 yards, sand wedge, stuck it to within a foot. Tapped in for birdie. It felt like I was about to part the Red Sea.

It was at this point when the guys I was playing with started looking at me like I was some kind of sorcerer. Nothing hateful, but just enough to make me think a little bit--too much thinking.

As stated, I've had a long standing goal to make 3 birdies in a round.

The reality is, I think I'm selling myself short. I could be making 6 or 7 birdies a round. Yesterday was a great example. Right at the end of the 5th hole was sort of a surreal moment. My mojo was working. My confidence was sky high. For brief moment, it felt like I could do anything I wanted with a golf ball, which on rare moments, I can. Yet somehow, the momentum slips away.

On the 7th hole, I had a straight 10 footer for birdie. Again, a slight amount of doubt was in my mind--Can I really play this good? I missed the put short by about 1/10 of a revolution. It was literally hanging on the edge. If I could have been just a little more relaxed and believed in myself just a little bit more. Possibly, if I calmed down enough, I would have said to myself, "Don't leave it short," I would have those 3 birdies, and I would have been thinking about 4 and 5.

Seriously, why shouldn't I make 4, 5, or 6 birdies a round? It should be within the realm of possibility. It should be part of my golf pattern. All it takes is patience, confidence, and the desire to make it happen, which I have all 3.

Professional golfers have had many great rounds with 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 birdies on courses that are way more difficult than the courses I play on. If they can do it, why can't I?

On the back 9, I probably had 3 more missed birdie puts. Some of them just barely skirted passed the edge of the cup.

In all, it was a good day. I started getting a hunger headache on about the 14th hole, but other than that, it was awesome. The weather could not have been more beautiful.

I think the one thing I realized is shooting low scores is attainable. Shooting in the low 80's-upper 70's with 4 or 5 birdies is not impossible. I was there yesterday. It was within my grasp. I just let too many opportunities slip away. I think next time I'm there I'm going push a litter harder, get more focused, and I'm going to make those birdies. I can do it.

Overall, my confidence is building. I still make a lot dumb shots, but I feel better about my swing. I give myself plenty of opportunities. It's now just a matter of believing in myself enough to pull it off.

What a glorious blog entry that will be!!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Golf Journal--Visualizing the approach.

Yesterday, I had a golf milestone, which was I made a birdie when I played by myself. I hit a perfect 7 iron from 155. It caught the wind and faded a little just like I had planned and it rolled straight within 6 feet of the pin. Then, I hit a put with a slight left to right break, and it actually rolled passed the pin and fell backwards into the cup. The put was cool because it looked like I missed the put. It rolled around the cup and paused on the back edge for a bit before falling in. It gave me that disappointed feeling, but then it fell, and I was very happy. It was the par 3 16th on the Glen at Tennison.

As far as the round goes, I shot a 92, which kind of sucks, but as I've said before, anytime I birdie during the course of a round, it makes the whole round worthwhile.

I had 7 bogies on the front 9, which was very frustrating except for the fact that these were easy bogies. I wasn't struggling just to make bogie--I was just hitting bad approach shots. Everyone bogie was one that I should have made par. I was always in the 100-170 yard range and messed my second shot every time. I either missed green left, too long, or too short. Also, I missed the "up and down" opportunity, which means, I could only get the chip to within 12 feet, and I missed the one put, and had to settle for bogie each time.

Granted, it was very windy yesterday, but still most of my shots were just miss hits. I guess my feel for those mid range shots just isn't where I would like for it to be. Once I get a better feel and more confidence with those mid range shots, I suspect I'll be shooting in the low 80's to upper 70's range, which has been a dream of mine ever since I picked a golf club when I was 8 years old.

Moreover, if I get a better mid range shot feel, I'll have more birdie opportunities, which means I'll have more opportunities to reach another one of my goals, which is to get 3 birdies in one round of golf--I've made 2 on several occasions, but 3 has been very elusive.

Anyway, all in all, it was a nice round. Playing golf by yourself is a very zen-like experience. It's just you, your thoughts, and the course. It's very peaceful. In a way, you can kind of put your life into perspective because golf lets you know where you stand as a human being.

For a few examples of how it puts your life into perspective:

Can you recover quickly from a loss?
Can you correctly estimate what it takes to solve a problem?
Can you execute correctly solving a problem?
When you solve a problem correctly, do you become too happy and lose focus?
When everything is going wrong, can you calm down and put everything back on track?
Can you just relax and enjoy the moment?
Can you set out to achieve something and stay focused until you achieve it despite everything?
Can you fix something mentally within you that's broken?

So, I guess, in golf, there are plenty of metaphors for life. Pretty much everything in golf is solved through patience, practice, and persistence.

One of the cool things about golf is, when things happen, they kind of just seem to happen out of nowhere, but then, when you reflect back on what happened, you realize, that's what you've been dreaming would happen, and it finally happened.