Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Art of Gang Fu

I learned a term in the Navy that I still think is funny to day: Gang Fu

I can vaguely remember the Petty Officer who was teaching a lesson about boarding another ship. I remember it because it was a great lesson, and it has to do with piracy. Before boarding a ship, the idea is circle around the boat first to make sure that the crew isn't hiding around back side waiting to "gang fu" the boarding party.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Open Letter to Karin Pouw, Public Affairs Director COS Int'l

Dear Ms. Pouw,

I am sure you are aware that on the 11th of March, 2008, I issued a press release entitled "Mother Bear Defends Cub". This release detailed my efforts to bring my daughter, Katherine, home for a vacation with her family. During the fifteen years that my daughter has been a member of the Church of Scientology's Sea Organization, she had only come home for one three day visit in 1996 - cut short by the Church due to some "emergency”.

When I allowed my daughter, then a minor, to join the Sea Organization, I was told that Sea Organization Members are allowed three weeks holiday per year. In fact, it is stated in the contract that Katherine signed in 1993: “2. HOLIDAYS: '...three (3) weeks per continuous active year for Sea Org Members'.” This has never happened.

During Christmas of 2004, Katherine was denied permission to attend a family reunion in Minnesota, with relatives she has not seen in many years, some of which she has not seen since childhood. After the travel reservations had been made and tickets purchased, Katherine informed me that she was not able to go. To somehow include Katherine in the reunion, she was put on the speaker phone to wish both grandparents a Merry Christmas. She was sobbing and apologizing for not being able to be with them.

I have tried to be patient with the Church. I have had no objection to Katherine following her religious principles and beliefs and have not objected to her work for the Church of Scientology. But I have objected to the continuing and systematic isolation of Katherine from her family. Katherine and I have enthusiastically discussed vacation plans many times, with no plans ever coming to fruition. My calls with Kate have become less and less frequent, and at times, I find myself talking to her on a speaker phone, with others present in the room who do not identify themselves. My daughter sounds less and less herself and more and more "coached" and cautious in her responses.

To deny my daughter normal communication with me, and the opportunity for vacation time with her family, is unconscionable. Last March, I reached the end of my tether, and issued a press release about the situation. I issued an ultimatum: "Have my daughter at home in my living room within two weeks, or I will go to law enforcement and the media."

As a result of this ultimatum, a hurried meeting was arranged between myself and my daughter. I flew down to Los Angeles and met my daughter and her Office of Special Affairs "handler," a woman named Beth, at the J. Paul Getty Museum. It was wonderful to see my daughter, and Katherine and I hugged and cried together. Katherine bought postcards from the museum store, wrote notes on the back of them, and gave them to me:

"Dear Mom,

These postcards are to remind you of our day together, to remind you we will always be in
communication, no matter the distance, to remind you that you raised a happy, healthy, contributive
person, to remind you that I will visit you, to remind you that I love you!

All M' Love, Katherine”

Katherine promised me that she would come soon for a vacation. Her handler also promised me that it would absolutely be worked out so Katherine could come and visit us in Portland. She seemed sincere. I felt reassured.

On April 30th Katherine informed me that she was going to do a "special program", and that I would not be able to talk to her until the program was completed. Katherine told me that I could speak with Beth while this program was in progress. I asked what kind of program it was, but Katherine and Beth refused to say. The program, which was supposed to take four or five weeks, is still not completed.

It is now four months later, and we are no closer to Katherine visiting than we were in March. My own vacation came and went. My birthday came and went. No Katherine. On my birthday, I received flowers from Katherine, followed by a phone call not from Katherine, but from her OSA handler Beth, asking if I had received the flowers. Beth wished me a Happy Birthday.

In August, Katherine reached the point in her program where she was allowed to speak with me. The last time I talked to my daughter was mid-August. My daughter was not her spontaneous, loving self, but sounded strained and stiff. She expressed concern, that because I am no longer in Scientology, that I do not approve of what she is doing with her life as a Scientology staff member. She asked me to send her any critical things I had been reading about the Church, (so she could "handle" me on each one of these). This would have to be done, she said, before she could come and see me.

This is ridiculous. In the first place, I have no intention of spending our valuable vacation time with my daughter arguing about religion. I have always respected her decision to follow Scientology. As you know, I am myself a former Scientologist. I left the Church for my own reasons, as is my right. That my daughter and I have chosen different religious paths is of no consequence to anyone, and, frankly, is no business of the Church of Scientology. Many parents and children disagree on religious matters, or political matters, or a host of other things. It does not affect their love and respect for each other, and is no reason to forbid connection between them.

Scientology preaches that communication is the "universal solvent" and will resolve anything. Yet in this case, that sentiment is not being applied. Communication is being denied. Do you seriously think that Katherine's faith is so fragile that the slightest contact with any criticism of Scientology will shatter it? If so, then you have less faith in Katherine's intelligence and strength than I do.

You want to know what my main criticism of the Church of Scientology is? That they have isolated me from my own daughter and made it impossible for me to maintain the close and loving relationship that both Katherine and I desire. That is my objection. How can I be "handled" on this objection? Easy. Grant Katherine her well-earned three week leave to see her family. Is that so hard?

I never, ever thought I would have to sacrifice my relationship with my daughter over religious differences. Many, many families across the world have differences with their choices of religions and political ideologies. A loving family does not let these differences impede their relationships with each other.

You, yourself, have denied publicly that Scientology disconnects families. In your press release of 14 January of this year, you stated that "...most family members of Scientologists are themselves not Scientologists. And yet, as any one of millions of Scientologists would have told Morton if he had asked, they maintain a loving relationship with their families. Indeed, the Church always counsels to mend any and every familial upset – whether between Scientologists or those of another faith."

Nice words. A wonderful, politically correct sentiment. But the question is, Ms. Pouw, are you actually willing to stand by those words? Are you willing to put them into action? Are you, as a Scientologist, willing to factually practice what you so eloquently preach?

I am still waiting for my daughter's arrival in Portland for the vacation that she and I have been promised.

The Church claims that its senior policy is to deliver what is promised.

At long last, will you?


Susan Lentsch

PS: I am mailing a copy of this letter to my daughter so she can read and understand how I feel. I will be checking with her to make sure she personally received it.

Please re-post and distribute as appropriate.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is the stock market set for a massive crash?

The Fed prints money. The Fed takes that money to buy Treasuries. (Sounds like a ponzi scheme to me)

At some point though, something's gotta give. Common sense says, they can't just keep propping up this house of cards in perpetuity.

Ron Paul "War is a Racket"

Some considerations on American slavery.

Land of the Free Home of the Brave?

Let's start this off by quoting the 13th Amendment:

"Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation."

Read that, and tell me slavery isn't alive and well in America today?

There's a bunch of old photographs floating around on the web that show what chain gang workers looked like in the late 1800's to early 1950's here in America?

Try to imagine what chain gang photographs all have in common. You can probably figure it out yourself first without even google searching "chain gang photographs".

Any person who knows any American history can tell you what they look like.

They'll say: "A bunch of black guys African American males dressed in black and white striped uniforms all chained together with a white guy standing there with overalls and a shot gun."

...because if you go search, you'll see that's true. (I'm not posting just one photograph because seeing that there are literally of hundreds of photographs that match the description.)

So then, you get the idea that the Civil War was merely a smoke screen for the abolition of slavery.

Slavery did not end in 1864 when the 13th Amendment passed. Slavery continued, only it wore a black and white striped uniform. That's true.

Then you, if you've been studying conspiracies for a long time, like moi, you discover the Civil War was instigated by European Royalty, like the Rothchilds, because they were angry they couldn't get their fiat money system installed, or some other reason.

The ruling royalty want to create a One World Government, and they've wanted this since before the United States became the United States.

Power transcends between families, and it always has. Bloodlines are traceable amongst the ruling class.

It makes sense then that rules that govern the world are set by a relatively small handful of people, and when one of these people set one of these rules, you can bet it is always self-serving. ALWAYS.

Re-read the 13th Amendment, please:

Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation

Consider, the person, who wrote the 13th Amendment, had a name. Lincoln supposedly played an active role in it's passage.

Then, consider the big "Except." "...,except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted,"

You have to look at that and wonder, if the guy really knew what he was doing.

After that "exception" it's not hard to see why a new form of slavery endured long after Lincoln was assassinated.

Bear in mind, most of today's prisons are "publicly" owned for-profit corporations. It costs taxpayers $40,000 per year per prisoner. Wonder why your property taxes are so high?

Think about how everything today is meant to seem so normal.

You turn on the evening news and there's a guy reading the days events as he's putting all sorts of weird inflections in his voice. He reads and just barely glosses everything that happened in the entire world that day in about 30 minutes, and yet, somehow, you watch it and you feel like your "informed."

You're "informed," and you just read that the reason slavery is alive and well has to do with Lincoln's big "exception" in the 13th Amendment.

It's as plain as the nose on your face.

If you spend as much time think about the 13th Amendment as I have, you start to realize a few things.

First, you realize the 13th Amendment should be repealed. It should be repealed immediately.

Why? ...because slavery is slavery. Just because someone's been convicted of a crime should not make food for a Warden Slavemaster.

Give that a few moments of thought.

Think about all the suffering the 13th Amendment has caused.

How many black men were thrown in prison for doing something as simple as jaywalking?

It's pretty easy to figure out, if you search "chain gang photographs" in any search engine.

After looking over and thinking about the 13th Amendment awhile, you start to wonder, if there are other places in our beautiful Constitution that need to be updated. If you do that, and your like me, you'll probably find a few more places.

Rosalind Peterson: The Chemtrail Cover-Up

Dub FX 10/10/2008 'Love Someone'

Monday, December 20, 2010

Info Bounces Around Till I Write It Down

Sometimes being a little crypto is a good thing.

You don't always have to act on compulsions or say exactly what you mean. It's programming that tells you to always tell the truth. It's also programming to believe you are always being told the truth.

The programing that's happening isn't going to be able to just go along as programing. Too many people are waking up. Freedom of Speech is going on, on the Internet. People, who are not supposed to be having a voice, are having a voice.

There will be a day soon be a time when the façade we are all pretending is there will be so micro thin that you have to be blind not to be able to see through it.

In the end, I hope and pray cooler heads will prevail.

I post on here all the time about Ron Paul.

He's possibly the coolest head of all, politically.

Bring our boys home!

Fuck this professional soldier bullshit.

War is, was, and always will be Hell.

Everyone wants to be home.

Where's my home?

Right here in Dallas, Texas.

It's a far from perfect place.

I've lived here forever, it seems.

I've followed the Dallas Cowboys for a long long time. (getting to the point) Hell, some of first words ever spoken were about the Dallas Cowboys.

My mom and I laugh about football.

Or, I should say, I try to laugh at her for not being quite bright when it comes to football.

American Football.

I love football.

There, I said it.

It feels good to get that off my chest.

Some of my fondest memories of, well, of course, myself, were of me playing football with "friends."

Notice the " ".

That is to say, I no longer talk to most of them. I could probably look them up, but I don't. In fact, Dallas is a big enough town to where I'll never have to see them ever.

Does that mean I dislike them? No.

It means that relationships are really difficult.

I could say that I love them, or more appropriately, the memory of them.

Commas are free, by the way.

One day someone might actually read this fucking thing.

That's actually quite fine.

Thinking back to my love for the Dallas Cowboys.

I watched them win those Super Bowls in the Seventies.

I was very young, and in a lot of ways I still am.

Another Draper line, Draper from Mad Men, that is: "You're born alone, and you die alone, and in between, you're given a bunch of rules to make you forget that.

So, when I make these posts, there's usually something inspiring them.

So, when I see the world these day, I'm seeing real fear for the first time in a long time. Some are getting to there tipping point. When things get bad enough, people will flock, instinctively, to the streets like salmon of Capistrano. At least, I'm seeing signs of that.

The problem with that is most people are stupid. I'm not saying I'm smarter, but I am saying, when the punch that's coming does in fact connect squarely on the nose of many unsuspecting Average Joe Americans, they will have not have seen it coming, whereas I've been putting ideas in a book about Rights for the last 13 years.

The overall picture isn't very complicate when you look the Players.

By Players, I refer to the Federal Reserve.

When you realize, it's not Federal. It's not a Reserve. It's just a bank.

It happens to be the bank that's been given magical powers.

The first magical power is the power to print money out of magical fairy dust.

The second magical power is the power to do every single last thing behind the veil of a curtain.

Watch the movie, "The Wizard of Oz." Did you know that's an allegory of the U.S. Banking System (World Banking System)?

The world's problems are the direct result politicians, who, apparently, were born without a spine, and conniving secretive bankers, who want to play God without having any of the responsibilities of God.

The book I wrote is essentially a critique of the Godless men, who want to play God with out recognizing the responsibilities of God.

Buddha once said, "There are 3 things you cannot hide: the Sun, the Moon, and the Truth."

That was 2,500 years ago.

Apparently, that message hasn't made clear to the mob families, who are running the World.

A true competitive system would be one where fortunes would rise and fall.

In America's financial system, the fortunes for some rise and rise, while others go in reverse. If you want to know why that is look to the Federal Reserve and keep looking.

The money you work for should be worth the same between the time your boss hands you the check and the time you make to the bank to deposit it.

In other words, the Federal Reserve Note System is Ponzi scheme. It might take 100 years to unfold, but it does have an end, and in the end, people will be getting screwed royally.

I say "royally" because you literally trace this Ponzi money system to the Queen of England and you can literally tracy this Ponzi system to her family and the Rothchild Family.

Americans fought one Revolution over the Right to control their own economic destiny, and they are headed for that collision once again. Either, Americans will agree to accept this yoke of debt and inflation, or they're going to say "No!"

Getting back to the programming point. People can be programmed to Hate. Racism flourishes to this day to some extent by programming.

The super richer, who sit above all the class warfare in the Ivory Tower, have created this game of class warfare. America has a subtle Class Caste System. The "well-to-do" are apt to argue with a factory worker without noticing that they both imprisoned by the same system. They don't stand side-by-side as they pull back the curtain together.

In 1913, the current system was installed, and it was still "under installation."

Ron Paul is the only guy who's currently trying to "un-intall" the program in Washington.

Personally, from the bottom of my heart, I wish Ron Paul much success. I can't see the harm in dismantling a few buildings a building in Washington DC. Many of America's institutions suck greatly, and they have always sucked, and they will always suck like the 16th Amendment.

Personally, I would like to talk to Ron Paul about some of my ideas in the New Bill of Rights.

For example, I think a Constitutional Amendment banning Private Banks from controlling America's money supply is worth it a fight.

I also think a Constitutional Amendment banning Congress from Debt Enslaving the American people with trillions of debt is worth a fight. By giving the American people the Right to a Referendum when it comes to Declaring Bankruptcy. I don't know many politicians, in fact, I don't know any politicians, and the fact that they get put ME in debt pisses ME off. What makes them so special? Just because I voted for you doesn't mean you get to enslave me. That's what they would have you believe.

It's sort of rule by Divine Right of the Vote. Nevermind the fact, the choice you are given is the choice between this sell-out or that sell-out.

More importantly, why vote?

If you're not hearing what you want to hear, DON'T VOTE. Wait until there doing something authoritatively and challenge the crap out of them.

I think this Obamacare thing is sick. Mandating a choice between a fine or buying health insurance heartless bloated for-profit Insurance Company? Gee, I wonder who came up that idea?

Let see...Could it have been someone from Insurance Company?

Just how much horse pies do We the People have to swallow?

These guys in Washington act like gaining a consensus is difficult. It's not. Getting people to agree is easy. Truth. Love. Family. Home. Heart. These are not difficult to understand.

When it comes to happiness, it's not hard to how a person's Rights plays an imp

The fact that this National Debt thing has gone on for so long speaks to how delusion the American people are. The term sheople est très approprié.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Distractions and other things disrupting my stream of consciousness

I haven't posted in a while other than just embedding things that interest me.

I've been keeping all of my thoughts to myself.

It's kind of annoying worrying about the things you put out especially when your grammar sucks and you have an odd tendency to omit a word or two when you write. My mind gets ahead of my fingers and it makes me look like an idiot. If I'm leaving words out, when I'm trying to say things that might actually be important to me, it makes me not want to write. So, I end up not writing sometimes. It's too frustrating.

Also, there's the occasional misspelling, which is also an annoying. But, thankfully, they have imbedded spell correct technology that keeps that from happening.

Then, there's little things like the word "ontop." As far as I'm concerned, "ontop" should be a compound word like "into." It's actually a word according to the people who get to make up the English language, but not "ontop."

Sorry, I went that extra step to explain myself.

Enough of my torments of wrastlin' with the English language.

A little while ago I was playing around with my French translator on my computer.

I looked up how to translate: Oops, I did it again. (oh là là!, je l'ai fait de nouveau)

I looked up how to translate: Generous Lover (amoureux généreux)

Then, I looked up: Is your lover generous? (Votre amoureux est-il généreux?)

A few weeks ago, I looked up possibly my best t-shirt idea ever: Turn off the television (arrêtez la television)

I figured since nobody listens to me speak to them in English, I'll try it in French.

A t-shirt website is something I've wanted to build for a long time.

Something I heard in a Mad Men commercial recently, "in advertising the best idea wins." I reckon the same hold true in t-shirt slogans.

Something, else I do that annoys me when I write. I start going back and editing as I'm writing writing. I start rewriting and it derails me somehow. That's one more thing that makes me not want to write. I can't even begin to tell you how much shit I've started and then got frustrated and deleted anyway. Oh well.

I'd rather give up on writing something than to never have endeavored to write anything at all.

But then, there's a famous quote which goes: I think, therefore I am--I am, therefore I write.

So, I think the larger issue is that I need to start writing about things I really care about.

Rufus Wainwright is tinker away on the piano right now. He's singing a Christmas song, and this post is becoming tiresome, adieu.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Isn't it time to boycott Geico for annoying commercials?

Seriously, do we need to see a Geico commercial at every turn?

If Geico has a multi-billion dollar advertising budget, are they really offering the cheapest insurance?

Seems to me, if they are burning up so much money on advertising, they are not offering the cheapest possible insurance.