Sunday, September 12, 2010

The breakdown of the 82 at Stevens Park

I shot an 82 at Stevens Park in Oak Cliff on Friday.

I was fighting it all day.

There was 4 pars on the front. 2 double bogies. 3 bogies. 43. I was missing a lot of greens and putts because I was too tense.

Finally, I started relaxing and getting into a groove.

I had 5 pars on the back, and the rest bogies for a 39. Some beautiful shots were hit. About 3 of the pars were scrambling pars from off the green—one was a sand shot that landed a foot from the hole to save par.

I didn't make any putts all day.

There was one shot that I've been trying to perfect for a while that I almost pulled off, which is the low trajectory slice from underneath the trees—I was 150 yards out. I was behind some trees. I tried to keep the ball low enough and slice it around the trees. I got the low trajectory right, but barely missed too far right, but I still bogied the hole. (It was almost the coolest shot of the day.)

I guess the thing I can be proud of is the fact that I kept my cool when things went bad and they were going bad a lot.

82 is my best score at Stevens Park.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

You can clearly see a window exploding out at about 58 seconds

There were bombs going off all over the Twin Towers during the entire 9/11 massacre.

The sooner you realize 9/11 was an inside job, the quicker America can get out from under the criminals currently in office.

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