Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Does it surprise anyone that Obama's daughters go to a school where 11 armed guards plus Secret Service protect the kids?

This is the double standard that enrages most thinking Americans.

Here's a link to the article that talks about the fortress where Obama's daughters attend school with 11 armed guards plus Secret Service

Knowing this, Obama and other politicians like him got up in their Ivory Towers, and talked down to us dumbasses to be sure we know how to think.

Here is our Ruler dabbing the fake tears out of his eyes while basically saying he's going to take away your Rights after he gets back from his vacation:

Is it not upsetting to know, he's putting on this act while knowing full-well his daughters are going to school where a lunatic shooter wouldn't even be able to make into the driveway of the parking lot?

In other words, these guys are fully aware of what it takes to be sure kids are safe.  They know guns in the hands of sane and brave adults are the only true defense.

However, if anyone's watching the robots in the media hyping this insanity, who are based in Washington and who also send their kids to the same school, you can just feel what's going to happen here in the next couple of weeks.  Democrats and Republicans are going to put on a show for the peasants that will look like a debate, but it's already a foregone conclusion that they are coming for the guns.

They will pass gun control legislation, not because they give a shit about your children because, if they did actually care, they would end the wars, they would stop putting trillions on the national debt, and they would send your children to schools like the ones where they send their own.

But you see, they're special, and you're the dumbass peasant, and you are meant to feel like you are living on big daddy's plantation.

The real reason they are coming for guns has nothing to do with the reason they say they are because they are murdering children everyday with drone strikes all over the world.

The reason they want to take guns is the same reason Hitler disarmed, which is, they don't want you to be able to retaliate once you figure out just how badly the system they created is fucking everyone over while enriching the "special one's" with enough money to send their kids to safe schools.

They know what's really going on.  They know a storm is brewing.

They know the Fed's O% interest rate policy is going to cause hyper-inflation, which will eventually cause food riots, and people will flood the streets, and it will eventually lead to a new World War.

And as I'm re-reading all this crap that I've written, I'm thinking, I would be better off, if I didn't even bother to see all this crap that I'm seeing.

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