Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why the auto industry sucks big floppy donkey balls

It's pretty simple actually. The auto industry sucks because they haven't figured out how to make the car. Plain and simple, the auto industry makes more and more complicated automobiles, not better cars. This over-complication causes something that no man likes: expensive maintenance.

What does expensive maintenance cause? It cause the undoing of personal savings for many Americans.

You ask a simple: why don't Americans save money? They don't save because American society is rigged to extract every dime a person makes and then some. Here's an example, I paid off my car. My car only has 70,000 miles on it. My catalytic converter went out. It cost me $700 to fix it. A car doesn't even need a catalytic converter to run!

That's just a small example. There's plenty more examples too.

The ideal car has a great body style that doesn't need to change year after year. (zero planned obsolescence)

Most importantly, It's easily and cheaply repaired. If you look at how cars are made these days, you can't tell me these cars aren't designed to cost you at least $700 every time you take it in for repairs.

Add to high priced repairs everything else that's been monetized, and you have a recipe for a vacuum that sucks every last dollar out of your pocket.

And here's something else: I was driving around the other day and I came up with several inventions in period of 30 minutes.

First, solar panels on the roof and hood to power the AC while your out of the car for when you leave your dog in the car when you run into a store.

Second, I thought of a seatbelt for dogs and a wider ledge/arm rest so your dog can ride with its head out the window. When has the auto industry ever created a part of a car for the dog?

Anyways, some saw my view of things is warped, but who cares. I know how to market, and it involves giving people what they want. It appears the auto industry thinks people want to constantly put money into there car, and they're wrong.

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tomtkh said...

I totally agree with you, the auto industry sucks. They purposely raised the prices on new cars over the past 4 decades to SKY-HIGH prices that few can afford, and they cost an arm & a leg to maintain and to FUEL. What about inventing an all-electric car? They've had 100 years to do that, and haven't because they have an interest in oil -- probably their biggest stockholders!!